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Debt Total June 2017

debt total June 2017- Making Mommy Money

Our debt total didn’t change too much this month due to one thing, we’re still on baby step one. Because of that, we mostly put whatever extra money we had into our savings account. My family has not paid more on our debt this month than the minimum payments. We’re currently working on building our emergency fund of $1,000. With that being said, our debt total didn’t change too much. In fact, it actually went up a little bit because I put some money our credit card to go towards growing this blog. Robert also paid a medical bill off with our credit card.

Here is our debt in order from lowest total to highest total for June 2017

Credit card: 639.52
old hospital bill: 2,996.64
Ford Edge: 11, 410.23
Student loan: 24,077 (I skipped this payment this month so that I could make sure we had enough money for the beach)

All for a whopping total of 39,123.39 🙁

I do have one piece of awesome news though. We are almost done with baby step one!! Our emergency fund is getting healthy at a total of $845.94!!! We’ll be there probably by the next two weeks. What what??!!

So What’s Our Plan for June??

Well, we plan to save the rest of our emergency fund and finish baby step one. Once we have that it’s attacking the debt snowball in baby step two. If you haven’t figured out what I’m talking about with the baby steps, check it out here. By attacking our debt halfway through June, we can use Robert’s tips, my etsy money, and any extra cash towards paying off our debt. Let’s do this!!

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