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Menu Planning-Simple Money Saving

What’s the biggest way to save money with your family??

Think about what you spend the most money on.

Have you figured it out yet?


That’s right, you can waste the most money and save the most money with how you spend on food.

That’s going out to eat (which is a huge expense if not controlled)…but that discussion is for another time.

Another way to save money on your food is with your groceries. And the best way to not waste money on groceries is to plan a menu BEFORE you go grocery shopping.

When Robert and I don’t plan a menu for the week, we are constantly asking one another at the last minute “What do you want to do for dinner tonight?”

More often than we financially should…we would go out to eat. Even getting food off of a dollar menu, in a family of three, it can all add up if you eat out more than twice a week.

Seriously, if you spend $5 on the dollar menu and you do that three times in one week, that’s $15 a week.

$15 a week=$60 a month

That’s $720 a year. A YEAR!!

I’ll give you some time to let that sink in a bit.

So What’s the Answer? A Menu Planner, of course!!

Free Menu Printables at Making Mommy Money


Plan your menu every week, and follow it. We do one new meal every week to keep us trying new things (and put the successes on pinterest to try again) but other than that we plan for easy and fast meals during the week. I mean let’s be real, nobody likes working all day and then coming home to cook.

Talk it out with your spouse  and figure out what is happening every single night and plan accordingly. That way we also talk about who cooks on what night, who is getting off work later and what our grocery trip budget is.

Robert and I even have a deal that because he is our family cook and I am the financial planner (giving separate tasks that work together saves our marriage I’m sure), he plans the menu and I buy the groceries. The only thing is that we make sure to plan the menu first, and base our groceries off of what is needed on the menu. We actually like to plan our menu for two weeks but only have one week posted in the house.

If you find yourself asking where to begin when it comes to menu planning. The easiest way is with a printable menu planner. They can easily be printed and hung in a simple 8 x 10 frame and written on with a dry erase marker.

Even if you don’t want to bother with buying a frame, you can easily print out the menu planner and write on it yourself. Print as many as you need!

Now of course, you can go on Pinterest, search menu printable…or you could just scroll down!!!

That’s right, I have free for my readers a menu printable for every taste. Simply click on one of the pictures below to get to a link for your free download.

Free Menu Printables at Making Mommy Money Free Menu Printables at Making Mommy Money Free Menu Printables at Making Mommy Money

These printables are awesome and can help you with step one of saving money on food. Use them the way that is best for your family and if it doesn’t work, try something else!!

The main point with trying to get through the baby steps with us is that we keep on trying. If something works, don’t stop going. If something isn’t working for you and your family, tweak it or try something completely different.

I’ve had to tweak our menu and our chore chart so many times, it’s ridiculous.

Which speaking of chore chart, what do you guys use? We’re struggling to keep up with a chore chart for more than two weeks. It’s especially hard when we have a toddler who is learning how to throw things in the proper place. My keys and wallet have been put in his clothes hamper on two separate occasions. Yeah, winning mom moment. I know.

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