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How to Make Extra Money From Home

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If you’re like me, you crave being your own boss. You also may think, “but there is no way I can be at home and make money”. The typical Monday through Friday job is what everyone sees as “normal,” but who likes normal anyway? Most people now have side jobs or something to make extra money. Well, while my family’s main dream is to pay off our debt, it’s also a dream of mine to be a stay at home mom one day. And even though that is not in the cards right now, it doesn’t hurt to look into ways that I can make some extra money from home while I’m continuing to crunch the numbers. Some day, I’ll get there. Until then, here’s some ways I’ve found to make some money from home.

How to make money from home in pjs- Making Mommy Money

Blog it out from home

obviously this is one way I’m using to make a bit of money from home. It also just happens to be something that I love to do and helping us with a goal we want to reach. Blogging has many creative benefits, but if it’s done right you can make some money with it too!

  • Affiliate Marketing- Most bloggers make their money with affiliate marketing. Some even $1,000s a month. There are a ton of great affiliate marketing opportunities out there. Trust me, I have tried a few myself. Some of my favorite so far are iGain and I also am part of Amazon’s affiliate program which is great, because Amazon has everything under the sun! The best tip I can give with all affiliate marketing memberships is that you only take on marketing that works with your blog. It wouldn’t make any sense for a food blogger to associate themselves with a shoe marketer because there would be no way to easily bring it into the blog post.
  • Ads- Another main way a blog can make money is with ads. Now of course, even the biggest retail websites have ads on them. Think about it, they make money posting a third party ad while they at the same time sell their product. It’s a win-win for everyone. Probably the most popular one out there is Google Adsense. It is so easy to use, literally put a code into your website and it’s good to go!

Sell Your Skills from home

  • Etsy- if you have any kind of crafting skills, etsy is the great place to put those skills to use. I have an etsy store myself selling birthday invitations. It’s been a great way to get extra income and do something that I enjoy doing. Of course, it is necessary to market your store if you even want to make a little bit of money. I’ve been able to get some great help with My Social Pig. Etsy is a great way to work from home and sell your skills.
  • VIPKid– Now I’ll admit it, I don’t know a lot yet about this website yet but I’m looking into it. I actually heard about this site from a friend of mine so I think it has a good amount of credibility. If you have any experience with teaching (or working with kids) and the thought of teaching children English seems like a good idea to you, they pay top dollar for working from home. When I get more into it myself, I’ll hit you guys up with an update.

Sell Your Stuff from home

Cozi Family Organizer

  • Websites- ebay is always the one place that you can sell stuff online. You can literally sell anything on ebay. From your old movies, to your jewelry that you no longer wear, and even kid toys that never got opened. But now, there’s a new sheriff in town when it come to selling your stuff from home. If you happen to have old books lying around or anything else that’s in good condition around your house, Amazon is the way to go. It easy, just sign up to be a seller and you’re good to get started on selling your stuff.
  • Sell on your Phone- If you’re lazy like me and don’t feel like putting together a yard sale at home, you can always use an app on your phone to sell your stuff from anywhere. If you have high quality brand names things, Poshmark is where to go. You simply make a profile, take pictures, and start selling. Some of my other favorite apps include Letgo and OfferUp. Both of them help you sell and buy stuff locally. They are both very easy to use and are free to join.

Earn as you Shop Sites

  • Swagbucks is a great way to earn money from living your life! You can earn points for things that you already do on the internet. They give you simple tasks like searching the internet, watching videos, or making a purchase (obviously only do the ones you would make already). You can even link your credit cards to Swagbucks so you never miss a cash back opportunity! They will then give you points, which you can exchange for gift cards, cash, gifts, etc. It’s super easy to earn points. It literally only takes a few minutes to earn money. You can even refer friends to Swagbucks and easily get $3 per referred friend.
  • There is also a site called InboxDollars that has surveys but it also has a service that will pay you as you shop (similar to Ebates, get it?). All you have to do for InboxDollars and Ebates is start out your shopping trip through their websites first. They track your spending and then give you cash back for a percentage of what you spent. If you’re shopping online, you might as well make some money while you’re at it. InboxDollars has phone apps too, here are links for iOS and Android. Surveys and sites that pay as you shop are great ways to make extra money from home to maybe save for Christmas presents or a vacation fund to go into one of your many savings accounts.

Survey Sites

  • I know it’s just for extra money, and not expected to make thousands doing it (unless you are a lucky one that has 30+ hours in a day). Taking online surveys can be fun and an easy way to make money while you sit on the couch. Some of my favorite place include OpinionOutpost and Survey Junkie. Both of them pay out money at a low number (SurveyJunkie‘s payout is $10!) which means you get paid faster and more often if you want to.

So these are just a few ways you can make some extra money on the couch. If you know of any other ways to make some extra money, or even do full-time work at home leave a comment. I want to know what you got!

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