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Don’t be Afraid to Have BIG Prayers

Guys….you wouldn’t believe what I’m about to tell you. Well, you’d believe it if you served a BIG God like I do. Huge things have been happening in the Mullins household in 2018 already. And it’s February. I know, I sound over dramatic, but really, it’s true. Long time prayers are being answered in BIG ways. And the changes are just beginning.


But first, let me give you a small backstory…


My whole life, I’ve never been able to decide what I wanted to do with my career. I went from teacher to psychologist to physicians assistant to lab technician to now actually being an ABA counselor with pre-schoolers who have autism. The only thing I have always been sure of is that I wanted to be a mom. After that, I literally had no clue what to do.

So when Robert and I got married, it wasn’t long that we begun to pray for God to bless us with children that we could raise and lead them to love Him, and if it’s His will, let me come home as a stay at home mom. Now, one of my favorite things to do is to pray a big prayer. Not to test God, but to praise His majesty and power when it comes true. Hence this post.

Our BIG Prayers

When we first got married, praying for me to be able to quit my job was a BIG prayer. We had bought a foreclosure for our first house, not struggling to get by but no where near living comfortably. Just so you can get the full picture, one of my two monthly paychecks was just to enough to cover our mortgage and Robert’s first check of the month went towards our bills. We basically lived on half a month’s income for the first 6 months of marriage (until I got my current job). At that time, it seemed like I would never come home…especially since I was the one making more money.

We also had BIG prayers that Robert would one day get a job as a children’s pastor. I’ll be honest, I fell in love with him when I first saw him interact with kids. He had them laughing and smiling, and I was hooked. He is so wonderful with kids and has always had a passion for leading them to Christ. It only made sense that he go to school for, and one day to become a children’s pastor. Again, with how slow school was going (we could never afford for him to just be a full time student) this seemed like it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

But we kept praying.

Little man was born on December 26, 2015. My desire to stay home only grew stronger. I was offered a position to work from home part-time and I felt relief, I thought that was an answer to prayer. And it was, an answer to just hold on. Sometimes God’s answer isn’t always yes or no. Sometimes, His answer is wait.

And for someone who has zero patience but has been asking God for it since I was in high school, the answer to wait is hard to swallow.

Yeah, what high schooler prays for patience?? One that literally has none, and doesn’t know how to think before she speaks either.

Yep…that’s me. Be careful what you pray for guys. God will give it to you and stretch you until you don’t want it anymore.

I was struggling to find a balance between work, being a mom, and being a wife. I felt like I lost myself very easily. That could’ve been the whole new mom haze, or just how busy life gets. Either way, I knew I couldn’t keep up at that pace forever. Again, the BIG prayers were constant still.

And then, when I began this blog in April 2017, Robert and I made a commitment. We were going to pay off our debt, and go through Dave Ramsey’s baby steps so that we could give like nobody else. We never really cared about stuff anyway, why would we start to now? It’s almost a year later and we are still chipping away on our debt.We paid off a credit card and went right on to attacking the next debt in our snowball

And a little spoiler alert…we’ll be down to two debts in a month. So freakin’ excited!

His BIG answers

Now, at this point if you are asleep at my long back story…I apologize. I thought it was all necessary to tell so you can see how AWESOME my God is.

Well now it’s time to wake up!

In the last few months, God has been moving mountains to make prayers happen. Some mountains that we didn’t even expect to be moved for a few more years. They weren’t even in our view, they were off in the distance that we knew we’d have to climb eventually.

First, Robert was offered and accepted a job to be a children’s pastor. He wasn’t even looking for a job. That’s a God thing. It gets even bigger when you learn that it’s at the church that I grew up in. Now this church is a wonderful church, it has a lot of people that want to do work for the Lord, but I never expected to go back there. It was literally the LAST place I thought he would get a job. We honestly have been talking for years about having to possibly leave Virginia to get a ministry job. But this place is even closer to our house than our current church. It’s part-time, but still a wonderful way to get our feet wet in ministry.

Is your mind blown yet?

Well, it’s about to get more crazy.

Around the same time that he was first approached to be a children’s pastor, Robert was also encouraged to become an assistant store manager at Starbucks. This is a salary position and a HUGE raise from shift manager. We both love the company, they have been so good to him in the 5 years that he has been with them. The original interviews were scheduled to be in February, but oddly got moved up to January. I don’t believe in coincidences. God has a plan here too. If he gets this job, it would mean HUGE THINGS for our family.

Oh, and my job that was part time at home? Yeah, it’s going away in about two months. Basically, the computer work that I do at home is about to go all digital…therefore not needing me. While my bosses are working on setting up the digital system, I’ve been hard at work making sure that they know my exit strategy, and patiently (most days) waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s right guys, this girl is going to be a stay at home mom this year!!

Do you see why I don’t believe in coincidences??

There is no way that all of this happening at the same time is a coincidence.


It’s a plan. A plan of God’s design.

God has BIG things in store for this family. Big changes are happening in 2018.

Stay tuned.

So what about your prayers?

Some people like to start their year with a resolution. Our family started it off with a verse of the year. 2018’s theme verse if you will. If you are ready to pray BIG prayers this year, join us in finding a year’s theme for your family. Print it off, place it in your house where everyone can see it everyday. Remind yourself of how powerful our God is.

Our 2018 verse is Psalm 37:5

“commit your way to the Lord; Trust in Him and He will act.”

You can join us in that verse with the printable I created for you (click on the picture or right here) or you can find your own verse for your family.

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