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Save Your Emergency Fund in 6 Weeks

Our emergency fund is DONE!!!! We officially saved an $1000 emergency fund in 6 weeks. Yeah, that's right. I said 6 weeks. How in the world did we save $800 in 6 weeks?? Well, let me just tell you how. *Note: not all of our ways are typical for everyone, we got a bit crazy.… Continue reading Save Your Emergency Fund in 6 Weeks

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25 Gifts for Dad under $50

*This post contains affiliate links* If you are like me and you're a last minute shopper for a father's day gift, you're probably panicking right now. Father's day is officially a week away. It's almost the day of dad! And I don't know about you, but I think guys are by far the hardest people… Continue reading 25 Gifts for Dad under $50

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Cash is Better Than Plastic

I've learned over the past few years that if I ever wanted to stick to a budget, I had to use cash. I don't know what it is about using a debit card that makes me not stick to a budget. It's just so convenient, and easy to use. Something just feels so good about… Continue reading Cash is Better Than Plastic

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Menu Planning-Simple Money Saving

What's the biggest way to save money with your family?? Think about what you spend the most money on. Have you figured it out yet? FOOD That's right, you can waste the most money and save the most money with how you spend on food. That's going out to eat (which is a huge expense… Continue reading Menu Planning-Simple Money Saving

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One Baby Step At a Time

In the process of saving money and paying off debt, I thought it was important to talk about our process that we're following to achieve success. First off, let me just say how much I love Dave Ramsey. I have followed him and learned from him since I started college in 2009. He is such… Continue reading One Baby Step At a Time

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5 Rules For Money in Marriage

Before Robert and I got married, we decided that one thing that we were always going to be a team on was money. While we are absolutely not perfect and still have a hard time figuring out exactly where money goes, we don't mind discussing it. Money isn't a chore with us, it's just something… Continue reading 5 Rules For Money in Marriage

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Ways to Save Money When You Have None

* This post contains affiliate links One of our first steps this month was to save money again since our emergency fund was blown away with a major car repair recently. One of the most intimidating things to get started is figuring out where to get extra money. Especially when you feel like you're living… Continue reading Ways to Save Money When You Have None